legion of doom wwf

The Best WWF Wrestling Tag Teams Ever

Hart Foundation (Brett Hart and Jim Neidhart)

the hart foundation wwf

Debuted in 1986 Brett and Jim were the 1st incarnation of the Hart Foundation and won the gold on 2 separate occasions,

Brothers-in-Law and brothers in arms they were firm favourites with large sections of the WWF crowd.

In 1991 Brett would step away from allowing Owen Hart to join Jim and The New Foundation was born.

There have also been several other incarnations of the Hart Foundation through the years incorporating various different members. 

Edge And Christian

edge and christian wwf

One of the pioneers of a new era for tag team wrestling. Champions on seven occasions, the first of which came in a Triangle ladder match at Wrestlemania 16 against The Hardy Boyz and the Dudley’s. They would also be victorious in the first ever Tables, Ladders and Chairs (TLC) match at Summerslam 2000. 

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