legion of doom wwf

The Best WWF Wrestling Tag Teams Ever

Legion Of Doom (Animal and Hawk)

legion of doom wwf

As a kid all I ever wanted was to own a set of the iconic shoulder pads, with spikes of course.

These legendary two times champs were an instant hit with fans in their heyday, winning their first tittle at Summerslam ’91 against the Nasty Boys.

LOD’s entrance on Motorbikes at Wembley Stadium for Summerslam ’92 will always live long in the memory. What a rush!

The New Age Outlaws (Jesse James and Billy Gunn)

the new age outlaws wwf

Road Dog and Bad Ass were a big part of WWF as the attitude era erupted in the late nineties, members of the famed D-Generation X stable along with Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Chyna and X-Pac.

The New Age Outlaws were tag champions on five occasions and have a well earned place in the WWF history books. 

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