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The Classic UK Theme Park Rides Everyone Misses

Thunder Looper – Alton Towers

With an acceleration to 60mph in 2.5 seconds, a single loop taken both forwards and backwards, Thunder Looper was an intense thrill. 

Installed at Alton Towers in 1990 and removed in 1996, Thunder Looper had a very short stay in the park and to this day it remains one of Alton Towers most missed rides.

The attraction was removed due to planning guidelines that meant nothing could be built above the tree line inside the park. For those that miss this ride it can be found still operating at Hopi Hari Park, Brazil. 

Wicked Witches Haunt – Thorpe Park

Wicked Witches Haunt or Phantom Fantasia as it was originally known traumatised many a child during its years of operation be it the Sweeney Todd scene or the ghostly ballroom you can be assured that a restless night was in order for any young guest who braved a trip through the haunt. 

Opening in 1983 as Phantom Fantasia it was refurbished in 1994 to become Wicked Witches Haunt, the ride was replaced by Detonator: Bombs Away for the 2001 season after fire destroyed the building in July 2000. 

Mr Rabbits Tropical Travels – Thorpe Park

Another ride lost to the Thorpe Park fire in 2000, Mr Rabbits was a scenic boat ride which featured a grand finale inside a large show building with many animals figures performing the Frog Chorus. 

Mr Rabbits was born from Magic Mill which opened in 1982, Magic Mill ran through until the ride was revamped into Mr Rabbits for the 1993 season.

This ride once stood where Nemesis Inferno is now located. 

Wild Mouse – Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Wild Mouse was a main attraction at Pleasure Beach from 1958 right through to 2017 when it was eventually closed for future developments. 

One of only four remaining wooden wild mouse coaster models before it’s removal, Wild Mouse has been sorely missed by everyone, even those that told of having been battered and bruised whilst riding. 

Knightmare – Camelot

Located at the now defunct Camelot theme park in Chorley, Knightmare was an 87ft high roller coaster which operated from 2007 until the park closed its gates in 2012.

With a top speed of 40mph and forces of up to 5G, at the time of opening Knightmare had the highest G-Force of any roller coaster in the UK.

In February 2020 Knightmare began to be dismantled but as of now it is not known whether we’ll see Knightmare make a grand comeback at another park. 

Your Favourite Rides?

What was your favourite old ride that’s no longer around? Let us know in the comments below.

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