snes air jordan's

SNES Air Jordan’s Are Now A Thing And They Look Awesome

Exciting news for gamers across the globe and what could be this years first retro fashion must have. How would you feel about owning your very own pair of interactive Super Nintendo trainers, with real controllers we might add.

If this has been something you’ve always wanted, well it looks like you soon may be able to live the dream!

However you need to be super speedy and extra lucky to get these SNES Air Jordans.

Famed sneaker (trainers to us Brits) artists, Freaker Sneaks have made these super cool Nintendo themed Air Jordans. However only 10 limited pairs will be available for sale from Freaker Sneaks in the near future.

Freaker Sneaks is an American company that creates unique, one of a kind hand-painted custom trainers. Designed by UK artist Jonny Barry, they are classic Air Jordan 4s and based on the colour scheme of the much loved Super Nintendo.

So you can get two design classics in one, the Snes which is loved by everyone and classic Nike Air Jordan’s, combined that makes Snes Air Jordans and they look the part too.

However, US Nintendo gamers may notice a slight difference in the colours. It uses the Japanese/European Super Famicom version rather than the North American purple.

So there you have it, you could have the Air Jordans to play on the court and to play NBA Jam as well. Result!

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