Dodgy Hairstyles That Need to Stay In The Past

The Top Knot

A trendy style for men in 2014 which still seems to be doing the rounds now, but seriously What is the point in having a tiny little ball of hair stuck on top of your head? It’s a similar combination of the the curtains, step and bowl haircut all combined into one. It must be a nightmare for any woman whose partner is trying this style out.  What happens when the dreaded hair ties are missing, it happens to everyone?


So what new trends have we got to look forward to in the future, let’s hope none of these beauty’s will be making a comeback lets leave them in the past where they belong. Although it’s without a doubt that in years to come we will be looking back, laughing and cringing at the future barnetts that have as of yet to make an appearance.

How many of you had one of these bad hairstyles?

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