Dodgy Hairstyles That Need to Stay In The Past

Looking back through old photo’s of parents, grandparents even childhood photo’s of yourself how many times do you cringe over the dodgy haircuts that are spotted throughout the years growing up?  We’ve all been there and there certainly have been some cringy classics over the years, along with doggy headgear, Alice bands, Scrunchies , big bows or even braids… Really what were we thinking?  

Today a must have accessory for any girl is the beloved hair straighteners, you may be quite surprised at how some girls look before running their tongs through their hair in the mornings, for some of us bed hair is just not an option and as now days the mullet is out of fashion (why was it ever in fashion) most men can just hop out of bed and not have to worry about taming their barnet, having said that the top knot seems to be doing the rounds at the moment.

So lets sit back and have a giggle at some of the Dodgy Hairstyles from the past.

The Mullet

In the 1980’s the Mullet was a popular hairstyle.  Short at the front and sides, long at the back.  With the likes of celebrities such as David Hasslehoff, Michael Bolten, Billy Ray Cyrus and who can forget Pat Sharpe sporting such monstrosities on their head it was a relief when in the 1990’s the mullet lost its style (yes it was actually a style) and thankfully people started to realise what a ridiculous haircut this was, the joke was on you if you were still sporting one and luckily enough it’s a style that has never come back. Long live the Mullet…. Nah!!


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