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Red Dwarf: Titan Prequel in the Works

It looks like Red Dwarf, the hugely iconic British comedy series is getting a prequel series called Red Dwarf: Titan.

What’s Red Dwarf: Titan all about?

The series is set coincide with a new book of the same name which sees Lister and Rimmer as bunkmates before the cataclysm where Lister was the sole surviving Human thanks to being put in stasis for smuggling a cat on board the Red Dwarf mining ship.

The series takes place just before all the original antics set six million years in the future took place and see the pair go down to Titan (Jupiters second largest moon) for some downtime and get into trouble (as they do) and go on some madcap adventures while there.

From the interview with Rob Grant done with the Radio Times it sounds like where they go is very reminiscent of rundown sea side towns which have seen better days with dark alleys, run downs facades and a hefty dose of criminal enterprise.

New cast, old faces

The Red Dwarf Titan creators will be recasting the duo which kind of makes sense when its a prequel, however will this go down well with the fans?

We’d wager not so much, however Grant Naylor who is one of the original writers alongside Doug Naylor when interviewed spoke about the original cast doing cameos which will be interesting to see how that pans out although he did reference shows like Star Trek that have done this in shows like Picard.

It might not please all the die hard fans but it could ignite a spark for a new generation of Red Dwarf fans and could give the hilarious sci-fi series a new lease of life.

Red Dwarf: Titan is expected to be out in 2026 along with the book of the same name.

Red Dwarf first broadcast in 1988 and for many years was on the BBC before moving to Dave where the most recent series and specials have been broadcast and Dave could be the home of the new prequel.

Here’s the Radio Times interview about the Red Dwarf prequel so you can see for yourself and decide if its for you.

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