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Especially For You – The Scott And Charlene Love Story

Throughout their ups and downs they also dealt with their teenage troubles at home. Madge was left heartbroken when Charlene rocked up with a baby in toe.  Claiming the young boy to be her son Sam, who had been fostered when he was born but due to the foster mother being ill, she had taken him back.  

Excepting this as the truth from her tearaway daughter the ‘Grandmother’ excepted the child and he was allowed to stay. But nothing is ever as it seems on Ramsey Street.  

The arrival of Susan  leads Madge to learning the truth about young Sam, he is not her Grandchild but the son of her ex husband (Charlene’s father) and his mistress.  Storming into the Ramsey house Susan demands her son back and promptly faints on the living room floor.

In true traditional soap style the next big story line is the Scott, Paul and Mike car crash. Over the moon that his dad Jim has bought him his first car, Scott and Mike suggest Paul take them out for a spin in the yellow beast.  

On returning to the street the car does a dramatic flip whilst trying to avoid baby Sam’s pram that has come sailing down the road whilst Neighbours doctor Clive is popping the question to his girlfriend Susan, Sam’s mum.  

Lucky for Paul and Mike they get pulled out of the car uninjured by Clive but its seems it’s touch and go with Scott… Cue the tears and another heartbroken Charlene surely they can’t kill off the love of her life?  Fortunately not, a broken leg is all the young lad walks away with.

Finally after sitting their HSE’s and them both getting apprenticeships Scott at the local newspaper and Charlene as a mechanic, the moment all the fans had been waiting for finally happened.  Scott proposed to his feisty girlfriend and the couple tied the knot.  Walking down the aisle with the song ‘Suddenly’ by Angry Anderson there was not a dry eye in the house the couple were finally going to live happily ever after and fans were gutted when the much loved pair decided to leave the programme.  Charlene being the first to go in 1988 when she left for Brisbane after her grandfather bought her and Scott a house there, unable to leave with her on the day Scott promised to follow her as soon as he got a job transfer.  He said his final farewell to Erinsbrough in 1989.

 The couple have never returned however their names were mentioned throughout the coming years when news of their children was spread across the street Daniel first and then Madison.

So there you have it, the love story of the Neighbours in the 80’s, one that happened not only in the soap but it real life too and who was adored by girls when they bought out two songs together, Especially for you and Now we’re back together, what a shame it wasn’t a happy ending for the couple in real life!!


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