10 Movies That Really Disturbed us as Children

watership down

Whilst most kids movies are all happy go lucky tales of love and adventure there are some that reduced us to tears as children. Sometimes it was due to the death of a beloved character and other times it was just because it was so bleak that even adults would be pretty depressed by it.

So grab a box of tissues and join us on a journey through the macabre and grim side of kids movies.


Whilst most of this Disney classic is fun frolic through the woods there’s no denying that many of us were traumatised when Bambi’s mum was shot by poachers. Leaving a lot of unprepared kids to ask who would look after Bambi now?

Return to Oz

The Wizard of Oz was psychedelic but ultimately pretty tame but in 1985 it got a follow up which would forever leave its mark on the minds of children at the time. You had a room full of severed talking heads and several weird creatures but nothing would scare kids quite so much as the Wheelers. These stalking weirdoes are still freaky today, who wouldn’t be scared being chased by a bunch of circus freaks on wheels.

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