The Right Stuff? Looking back at New Kids On The Block

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New Kids On The Block breathed new life into teen pop music when the American boys sent girls all over the world weak at their knees with their good looks,  fab abs and impressive choreography in the late 1980’s-1990’s.

The band were originally formed with the future Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg, his brother Donnie, Jordan Knight, Jonathan Knight and Danny Wood, however Mark decided to quit just before the band showed us what they had got so the young Joey McIntyre made up the 5th member of the band, and show us they certainly did selling more than 80 million records.

For most of us girls growing up around this time we literally went crazy for this new boy band set to  take the world by storm.  Rushing out to buy the Smash Hits magazine to grab the free poster of the lads to pin up on our bedrooms walls was literally what every teenage girl did.

Bursting through our radio’s and TV screens ‘Hanging Tough’ was the song that started getting the band noticed and the build up of their fan-base ‘Oh, oh, oh,oh,oh, Listen up everybody if you wanna take a chance,  Just get on the floor and do the New Kids dance’ although its was ‘The Right Stuff’ that gave the boys their big break and when young girls all over the globe really started to go crazy for these soon to be superstars.

Not short on eye candy either the boys were hot stuff and as young girls decorated their bedroom walls with posters or bought a NKOTB t shirt with a image of the boys on the front New Kids Mania started with the release of their most famous album Step By Step in 1990.  This and the release of the single with the same name which is their biggest selling single ever spending 3 weeks at #1 in the US.  

At last the boys were finally being recognised and doing well, so well in fact that following on from the success of this song they started bringing out their own merchandise and die-hard fans were soon hitting the shops to buy dolls, lunchboxes, clothes and bed sets, and videos of fans crying or passing out and concerts was normal for the lads to see.

The second single from their Step By Step album Tonight got to #3 in the UK charts but just like all good boy bands in reality you know the fame is not going to last for ever, us young girls grow up and rocking around in your NKOTB attire is no longer cool, the bed sheets have got to go and the posters soon get replaced with someone or something else.

The band decided to end their dream in 1994 and for the girls growing up then to us now they are just a guilty pleasure to secretly sing a long to if one of their songs gets played on the radio.

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