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11 Classic Lunchbox Snacks All 00’s Kids Had at School

When we were at school, lunch time was the best time to play games, hang out with our friends and of course, enjoy the packed lunch waiting for us. You remember what it was like – your Mum would pack the little things you’d enjoy for lunch, with a few extra snacks along the way.

So, here’s some of the things that you’d find in your lunch box in the 00’s.

Billy Bear

There have been mixed views about Billy Bear. One thing that many kids did was to bite out the eyes, nose and mouth and then hold it up against their faces. Classic, right?


They’re fairly common right now and have become a lunch time essential to some kids lunch boxes. However, growing up in the 00’s meant that you were lucky if you got a Cheestring in your packed lunch. Children used to peel the cheese to a certain shape to make everyone else laugh. A moustache was one of the most popular.


Do you remember how excited you felt when you knew there was a Lunchables ready to be eaten? The crackers, cheese and ham could all be combined to make one ultimate multi-decked cracker sandwich.

Fruit Winders

Not everyone knew exactly what Winders were, but everyone knew they tasted good. One of the best parts was seeing the cartoon underneath, willing the fruity goodness not to end.

Sun-Maid Raisins

Many kids ate these during their break time. It was a must. A healthier snack made colourful in a red box. Who knew so many raisins could fit into one tiny box?

Wagon Wheels

Were you an original or a jammy? Either way, Wagon Wheels were like a tiny pudding. The best part was tearing the top layer off and then eating the marshmallow and jam separately. Gross to some kids, heaven to others. It’s all about extending the eating time.

Salt and Shake

Some people knew the concept of these crisps. Others wondered why they tasted so plain. Who knew that you had to put the salt on yourself? A pretty simple concept but teenagers really loved it.

Mini Babybels


Ba ba ba ba Babybel! Another cheesy favourite – its unique flavour made for the perfect circular snack. It’s always been known for the packaging: a netted bag with each piece of cheese wrapped in red wax.

Fruit Shoots

Still loved by kids today, Fruit Shoots were a lunchtime favourite as it made a change from water or squash. With a range of flavours to choose from, every kid had their favourite.

Petit Filous

If you grew up eating these yoghurts, there’s a good chance that you now try to stay away from strawberry yoghurt. Strawberry was the most common in the 00s. Strawberry is and was everywhere!

Space Raiders

Many British adults will agree that Space Raiders were one of their all-time favourite corn snacks. The pickled onion flavoured crisps were so popular due to their shape and alien-designed packaging, let alone their taste.


So there you have it! 11 tasty snacks we had in our lunch boxes in 00s. Are there any that we’ve missed?


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