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One to Watch Again? The Emperor’s New Groove

The Emperor’s New Groove may only be 78 minutes long but it’s jam-packed with fun and adventure.

It’s so easy to watch because every scene seems essential, it never feels boring. Right until the last second you want more fun, rather than walking away and thinking that something was missing.

The songs scream classic Disney film, there aren’t many but the ones we do hear are so effective it’s hard to dislike them.

Let’s just talk about the opening number, Perfect World, sang by Kuzco’s literal Theme Song Guy.

It’s sung by the well-known Tom Jones and it’s catchy and straight to the point telling us how vain and heartless Kuzco is.

Maybe we aren’t drowning in songs but the ones that we get are great as a storytelling device and are therefore impossible to ignore.

The songs may sound very Disney-esque but the plot is like no other Disney film you have seen before; with no love stories insight, comedy at the forefront and an unpleasant hero.

By deliberately swerving the typical plot The Emperors Groove had its own identity, which is why fans love it.

It doesn’t have many morals but the stand out one is without a friend your journey would be a lot lonelier and meaningful.

This does sound more like Disney; we could never imagine Buzz without Woody now could we?

We all know Kuzco doesn’t deserve his companion Pacha, to begin with, but Pacha ends up being his saving grace and he wouldn’t have been able to complete his adventure without him.

The ending is inevitably a happy one as all good Disney films are, but it’s so over the top you can’t help but grin.

So the hero, Kuzco, spares the village. And the villain, Yzma, well she’s stuck as a cat, who reluctantly joins Kronk’s Junior Squirrel Scouts.

There’s nothing quite like a happy ending and you’ll definitely have fun watching it again, in fact, it might just be a perfect movie to watch again with your family on a rainy day.

What’s your favorite moment in The Emperor’s New Groove?

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