Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer is Here and It looks Awesome!

If the Star Wars The Last Jedi is as good as the trailer we're in for a treat!

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The wait is over and its time to get excited…very excited.

Star Wars the Last Jedi has a brand spanking new trailer and it looks absolutely amazing which of course, you’d totally expect for a such a high profile movie.

It looks like we’re going to see a lot more of Luke Skywalker in this one (hurrah!) and by the looks of things Rey is going to be trained up by him although we can only speculate at the moment from the clips in the trailer itself including who the shiny silver stormtrooper is that Finn is battling against.

We also got to see the late Carrie Fisher in her final role as Princess Leia and everyone’s favourite Wookie, Chewbaca although we wonder how much of a role he’ll have now that Hans Solo is no longer a part of the movies.

There’s also some awesome looking space battles and as per the second movie of the original trilogy, a snow covered land battle with AT-AT’s although these one look completely a lot more meaner then the Empire Strikes Back versions.

We’re really looking forward to this and hopefully it will be amazing and worthy of a cinema visit which if you didn’t know, Star Wars The Last Jedi comes out on the 15th December. What a way to start the Christmas break!

Here’s the trailer, tell us what you think as well!