Mighty Max

Ten Classic Collectibles We Were Obsessed With At School

Mighty Max

Mighty Max Versus Frankensteins Monster

Mighty Max toys were all the rage back in 1992 when they were unleashed onto the playgrounds of the UK.

They were small playsets in the shape of monsters heads or creatures which opened up to reveal a play zone containing small monster figures and the hero himself Mighty Max.

These came in various sizes including the larger Doom Zones and smaller Horror Heads.

Later they released Monster Heads, Hairy Heads, Shrunken Heads, Battle Warriors and much larger playsets.

Kids would take theirs to school and join them up with ones that their friends had brought in to create huge dungeons for Max to explore.

They became so popular that a TV series was inevitable as was the video game on the SNES and Megadrive.

Panini Football Stickers

A rite of passage for many school kids was the collecting of Panini Football Stickers.

This is where many children learned the art of trading as they tried to complete the album for that season.

Most of us tried to complete our favourite team first before starting out on the quest for that elusive goalkeeper or rare Shiny variation.

Even better was when a World Cup year came around and we could start collecting all over again to complete all the international teams.

Pokémon Cards

Panini Football Stickers

As we said before, every generation had their collectible card or sticker game and Pokémon has to be the master of them all.

Originally released in 1996 these seemingly innocuous trading cards became the hottest property of the playground and by the turn of the millennium, they became a lifestyle of their own.

Everyone wanted to be a Pokémon master and once everyone was addicted to the Nintendo games and the TV series there really was no stopping it.

As with all collectible card games Pokémon had its ultra-rare cards, shinys and that one card that you seemed to get in every damned pack you bought.

Yet again the surprise element of not knowing what was in each pack helped to increase the addiction.

You know once a craze in parodied in South Park then it really has taken on a life of its own.


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