10 Cool Toys All Girls Had Back in The 90’s


The 90’s had so many great toys that girls everywhere went mad for and had to have. Retroheadz looks back at some of the favourites that we all had back then. Heres 10 toys that all 90’s girl miss.

Baby Born


The doll that ate food and dumped everything out its backside after. We bet it was our parents dream to have another one of these in the house.

Koosh ball


Everyone wanted one and everyone had one, that’s how we remember it anyway.



We all remember looking after (and most probably killing) our cyber-pets, it was fun whilst it lasted. We wrote about the ups and (mostly) downs of having one here.

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Poppy is a child of the 00's and in-between writing for her blog and Retroheadz she is out out constantly as all young people should be doing. Poppy is a huge fan of design, photography, art and boxsets. She also loves things from her childhood and this is what she will be covering, naturally!


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