Road Redemption: Could this be the New Road Rash?

Lets go clubbing!

road redemption

If you’re a Road Rash fan who have been crying out for an updated and modern version of the much-loved Road Rash series that first came out back in 1991 on the Sega Megadrive, your cries may have just been answered with Road Redemption.

Road Redemption by Pixel Dash Studios definitely-looks the part but takes things to the next level. Yes, there’s racing and upgrades and the most important thing, motorcycle combat but it’s the setting and the open world aspect of the game that look like they’ll add far more than the legendary Road Rash could ever have done.

What’s the setting in Road Redemption?

Road Redemption is set in a post-apocalyptic Mid-West America that’s now ruled by a brutal dictator. you’re in a motorcycle gang and you’re leader decides to go off and attempt to assassinate the dictator. You rush off to catch up with him and by the sounds of things can either choose to assist him or stop him.

Either way on route you’ll have races, carry out assassinations of your own, conduct robberies and so on, which gives you loot to upgrade your bike, your own character and your weapons.

From what we’ve seen (and you can too in the trailer at the end) the combat system pays homage to Road Rash, you can punch, kick, push other bikers and use clubs, chains and what looks very Arnie from Terminator 2, shotguns which look awesome.

Alongside the single player missions, you can also play a 4 player co-operative multiplayer as well which looks like great fun.

When is Road Redemption out?

Well, the official release for Road Redemption is on the 4th October 2017 and will be on PC for £14.99 on Steam. There doesn’t seem to be any news of an Xbox One or Playstation 4 release yet on their website but we like to think it might come out on these systems too.

Want to see it in action, here’s the gameplay trailer.

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