Paprium – New Sega Megadrive beat ’em up coming soon

Streets of Rage finally has some competition!

Paprium sega megadrive game

The Sega Megadrive seems to be the console that keeps on giving.

Indie developer Watermelon Games have announced a brand spanking new side scrolling beat ’em up called Paprium that been in development for over four years and is pure nostalgia for those wanting a new 90’s style side scrolling beat em up.

Paprium? What’s that then?

Paprium is the name of the mega city that rose from the ashes of a nuclear war takes place in the not too distant future. The setting of Paprium is somewhere between Tokyo, Shanghai and Pyongyang and from what we’ve gleaned from their website you can be one of three characters who takes on a drug cartel by the looks of things.

Is Paprium a Streets of Rage beater?

By the looks of things Paprium looks like it plays just like Streets of Rage, the hugely popular and classic beat ’em series that was a flagship series during the Megadrive’s heyday.

The difference is it comes on a whopping 80 meg cartridge which is frankly huge compared to the games from back in the day. As an example Streets of Rage 2 which is considered to the best of the SOR series came on a 16 meg cartridge and that game had tons of levels, awesome graphics and a huge soundtrack so we’re pretty excited to see what a game of this size can deliver.

It need a huge cartridge as it contains five playable characters, 24 levels and some of the slickest graphics we’ve ever seen for the now nearly 30 years old 16 Bit console.

Graphically it looks like a Neo Geo game like Mutation Nation and other arcade games from the 90’s. It doesn’t look like your normal Megadrive game that’s for sure.

Techno, Techno, Techno!

From the preview video it seems to have a very techno influenced soundtrack, the type of music that will follow tons of action which this game looks like it going to give.

We reckon that the soundtrack is a definite nod towards Streets of Rage as that too had one of the best soundtracks on the Megadrive.

When’s Paprium out?

The game is out later this year and will be a full release, as in a boxed game just like your old Megadrive games.

There are two editions of the game, the standard package ($69) and also a limited package ($89) where You can tailor your order too by choosing to have a Euro, Jap or US style cover and there are some more upgrades including ordering a custom made arcade stick and deliveries are stated to be in the Autumn of 2017.

They also state on their website that the game will only work on an official Megadrive and the cartridge works as standard on all TV formats (PAL, NTSC) so its region free.

Now along with the awesome website they’ve made for the game they have also produced a 90’s Japanease style advert that is totally in your face. Check it out below. It looks amazing!

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