Controversial Mega CD Game NightTrap Coming to PS4 & Xbox One

Well we weren’t expecting this!


NightTrap the classic full motion video game that came out on Sega’s Mega CD add on to the mighty Megadrive is being reissued and will be coming out on the Playstation 4 with a 25th Anniversary Edition.

If you can’t remember this game, it takes place in a house where a load of young women were targeted by black robed vampire type creatures called Augers.

Your job was to make sure the women didn’t fall foul to a gruesome end by trapping the creatures and thus, saving the day.

NightTrap has over 90 minutes of full motion video which was there to drive the plot and has a very 80’s feel to it because, well, it was filmed way back in 1987 and was originally meant to be on a VHS console that was to come out back then.

It was only in 1991 that the game got the go ahead and finally came out in the US in 1992 and later on in the UK and Europe in 1993.

The game is one of the better FMV titles out there, if there is such a thing, and thanks to its controversial cut-scenes which includes a (shock horror!) shower scene was the subject of much debate in newspapers, governments and such like about censorship and violence in videogames. Heck, even UK Sega Magazine Sega Power had a big feature on it.

Obviously NightTrap ‘s content is tame in comparison to today’s games but back then if you remember it was a hot topic that polarized opinion.

So, it is with great surprise to many of us that NightTrap is being re-released and if you are looking for a easy excuse to go down memory lane then this could be it.

The game is also coming out on XBOX One and there will be a limited edition run of physical copies for the PS4 only which have different covers depicting the Mega CD and Sega 32X editions of the game.

The original release of NightTrap had a 15 certificate from the BBFC back in the day, this edition is now a Teen Rating. How things have changed!

The game should be out by the end of Spring so if you’re craving some Mega CD nostalgia but want a modern twist then here it is.

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