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Bad Influence! Looking Back at The 90’s Videogame TV Show

Bad Influence! The Magazine

bad influence magazine

Running alongside the hit show a gaming magazine was launched.

Unfortunately it only ran for two issues unlike its rival Gamesmaster which ran until late 2018 but hey we were all seriously spoilt for choice back then when it came to magazines.

Can’t win ’em all.


bad influence data blast

What better way to finish off then to save the last for the Data Blast.

At the end of the program when the credits rolled you could record it on your video recorder and freeze frame all the information that shot past where it had more information on the stuff featured on the show and the current gaming charts, cheats and so on.

That was really geeky, totally cool and well worth doing.

So there you have it, if you miss Bad Influence! (we do) you can find the episodes on YouTube, they are great to watch.

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