nam rood bad influence

Bad Influence! Looking Back at The 90’s Videogame TV Show

Bad Influence Had Roving Reports

bad influence japan

Alongside the studio based news and segments, they also had reports from all over the world.

For most of us this was awesome to see the latest stuff that we only saw grainy pictures in magazines running on our TV screens from the US and Japan.

This was pre-internet for most of us so this was literally most peoples source for new kit and consoles.

Gaming Cameos

bad influence micro machines 2

Have you got Micro Machines 2 on the Megadrive?

If you have the next time you play it look at the characters to choose from.

One of them is called Violet and is actually the presenter Violet Berlin who was put in the game from one of the roving features they had on thew show.

That’s a pretty good legacy for the show as the game is awesome! she was also motion-captured for a game called Normality Inc, again thanks to a report on motion capture.

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