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Bad Influence! Looking Back at The 90’s Videogame TV Show

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bad influence mega cd

Bad Influence was truly multi-format with PC, Amiga, CD32, Mega CD, Megadrive, SNES, Gameboy, GameGear, Master System, NES, Atari Jaguar, 3DO, Sega 32x, Saturn and Playstation, N64 (ultra 64 back then) getting air time over the years.

Even the mightily expensive Neo-Geo got a mention from time to time as well things like the arcade board playing SuperGun.

This show opened up worlds of entertainment and possibilities of what new thing to nag your parents for Birthdays and Christmas.

Talking About Obscure Consoles…

There was a segment where they introduced a Megadrive clone called the Scorpion.

That’s right, a pirated console on national TV.

They spoke about the lower price and the fact that the shop you can buy it from could break open a cartridge and pre-install a game (just like Alex Kidd on the Master System 2) and the shop it was going to be available in was a well known retailer too.

We can’t see this happening ever again and we bet Sega were fuming at the time. Don’t believe us, check out the video!

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