nam rood bad influence

Bad Influence! Looking Back at The 90’s Videogame TV Show

Cheats From Nam Rood

bad influence nam rood desert strike 10 lives

‘Hello Furtlers!’ If this has just activated a long dormant memory then you’ve just recalled Nam Rood who was their shed and later basement dwelling cheats expert who gave tips and cheat codes (the latter typically via post-it note on his forehead).

His segments were pretty funny as he was also tinkering about with his latest creations.

Thinking about it now we’re pretty sure Nam Rood really stands for Dam Rude which he did come across as in a fun and totally teenage rebellion way.

Most likely its a reversal of Door Man who as we know when we went clubbing later on in the 90’s was the person that granted you access.

Bad Influence! even premiered the level select code for Sonic 2 which was probably one of the most highly anticipated cheats ever on the show.

Games Reviews

bad influence road rash review

There were three games reviews per episode from Teenagers both male and female.

This was refreshing as it was someone just like the viewer saying if the game was good or not, if they were the same age and they liked it you probably did too.

You could say they were peer reviewed!

It Was Broadcast in Surround Sound!

bad influence surround sound

Bad Influence! was one of the first shows to be broadcast in Dolby Surround.

This was the peak of out of reach TV technology at the time as most of us where either watching on our 14 inch TV’s in our room or if you were lucky the 20 inch Ni-Cam Stereo TV in the lounge.

Still it showed progress in the world of TV and that was cool in itself.

If you were lucky enough to have a surround sound set up back then, you were probably loaded!

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