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Perfect 10: Happy Hardcore Anthems of 1996

1996 was an awesome year to be a hardcore raver. Thanks to the dutch and Scottish influence that was at the forefront of 1995, it was bye bye breaks and hello to the mighty kick drum.

Ravers across the UK got some serious anthems that filled up tape packs and were bashed out 20 times a night at the biggest raves of the day.

We look back at the 10 anthems that made this year one of the best for Happy Hardcore and whilst we can’t believe these tracks are 20 years old now for many ravers these are still daily listens and rightfully so, they’re awesome, futuristic, positivity enforcing tracks from many a young raver’s carefree days.

Get your whistles and your horns ready and get prepared for some serious nostalgia!

Force and Styles – Heart of Gold

This song was so popular even people who couldn’t stand Happy Hardcore knew this one. Force and Styles were the kings of the rave back in ’96 with so many anthems to choose from we went with this one because everyone knew it up and down the land.

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