super eurobeat drifting
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Is Eurobeat The Definitive Music For Petrolheads?

Lupin – Black UFO

Another feel good Eurobeat track that will make you want to hit the apex.

Definitely one to play on an open road at night with the pop-up headlights up on your 90’s JDM car.

Dave Rogers – The Final Countdown

Dave Rogers is the one of the biggest names in the Eurobeat scene and is behind many of the tracks in the genre and this one is one of his most well known ones.

Definitely one to blast out whilst you wait for the turbo to spool up on your JDM beast.

Dr. Love – Eurobeat

Our final track is literally about Eurobeat and how much fun it is.

Everything about this track sums up the genre to the maximum, from the atmospheric intro to the catchy lyrics and riff all the way through to the cheeky little breakbeat fills that help drive this track forward.

Your Thoughts?

Do you listen to Super Eurobeat and how did you come across it? What’s your favourite track ever?

Let everyone know in the comments below.

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