10 Classic 90s UK TV Adverts And The Music That Made Them Hits

Yanni – Aria (British Airways – Face)

Whilst this may not have become a huge hit single everyone of a certain age will know this tune.

This British Airways advert was so popular that it would stick in your head for weeks which in the world of advertising is a job well done.

Perfect Day (BBC)

The BBC generally pride themselves in their lack of advertising but in 1997 they released a 4 minute advert to advertise, well, themselves.

The song itself was a cover of Lou Reed’s classic Perfect Day and it was performed by the cream of the music industry at the time.

Lou Reed, David Bowie, Heather Small, Burning Spear, Boyzone, Bono, Elton John, Sarah Brightman, Shane McGowan, Ian Brodie, Gabrielle, Ginger Wildheart, Brett Anderson, Tom Jones and many others performed and made it a number one single.

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