10 Classic 90s UK TV Adverts And The Music That Made Them Hits

Spice Girls – Move Over (Pepsi – Generation Next)

Pepsi and Coca-Cola were still very much at war in the 90s and adverts became their battleground.

Both brands utilised the biggest artists of the time and in 1997 Pepsi recruited the world’s biggest pop act at the time, The Spice Girls.

The rest as they say is history.

Dr Alban – It’s My Life (Tampax – Compak)

Eurodance always lent itself well to adverts and It’s My Life was the perfect fit, excuse the pun, for Tampax.

Believe it or not this advert caused huge controversy at the time for its Feminist message of independence and actually showing a Tampon on television. Laughable really if you think about it today.

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