The Epic Tunes That Lit Up The UK Hardcore Scene Back in 1999

Stealth – See Me Climb (Ham’s Workout)

See me Climb is a huge vocal anthem that’s as happy as they come.

It has an epic vocal that’ll stick in your head for weeks and some excellent synth work to really make it a classic.

It was a hard choice between the Ham mix and the Brisk mix but Ham’s slightly edges it.

Dj Frantic – Braveheart (Hardcore Mix)

When it comes to massive remixes look no further than DJ Frantic’s Hardcore version of DJ Sakin & Friends – Braveheart (For The Love Of A Princess), which in itself was a remix of the theme from the movie of the same title.

This is simply huge and has an incredible build-up and launch following the massively long breakdown.

This would often have the entire crowd shouting Freedom and going into a frezny of Hardcore raving!

Tiny Tots – Discoland (Sy & Unknown’s Dreadland Remix)

Yet another remix but one that is perhaps even better known than it’s original.

Ravers couldn’t escape this track at the end of the Millennium and to some, this is one of the all-time greats.

The big D&B breakdown is perfect and the vocals are used to expert effect.

Energy – Waves of Desire

Kevin Energy unleashed an absolute monster with Waves of Desire.

This tune destroyed dancefloors everywhere it was played and had a huge part to play in the UK Freeform scene.

This certainly became somewhat of a template for future Freeform producers.

Quest – Reach For Love

Massive Disco vocals and Hardcore beats? Ok Then.

It shouldn’t work but it does.

Not only does it work but it’s one of the greatest Hardcore tunes of all time.

Once again this has that classic 1999 sound that would later morph into the UK Hardcore scene and its new sound.

Scott Brown – Elysium

One of the greatest Hardcore tunes of all time. Fact!

Elysium changed everything and really was a guiding light for the Hardcore scene which could easily have disappeared as the scene entered the new millennium.

Thankfully, people took note of this incredible sound and the rest is history.

Everything about this track is perfect, not that it’s stopped a multitude of updates and remixes from being released.

Feeling Nostalgic?

We know there were plenty more classic tracks released in 1999 so why add your favorites.

We love a good chat about the UK Hardcore scene, we could go on about it for hours, and often do.

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