The Epic Tunes That Lit Up The UK Hardcore Scene Back in 1999

Seduction & Eruption – Bust a New Jam (Brisk ’99 Mix)

Brisk is back with another remix of a classic track.

This update to Bust a New Jam dominated the scene and was played in pretty much every set for the next year or two.

It has all the Brisk trademarks and is hard as hell.

Bust A New Jam is a real classic.

Jon Doe & Lisa Abbot – Timebomb

Jon Doe, or CLSM as he would later be known, is an enigma on the hard dance scene.

He’s one of the most innovative artists out there and this track backed by the amazing vocals of Lisa Abbot was so far ahead of its time that it was almost completely overlooked.

Fast forward a couple of years and this would have been a massive selling Raver Baby anthem.

Helix & Sharkey – Epilogue

Helix was one of the greatest Freeform producers of all time and when he teamed up with the legendary Sharkey good things happened.

The Epilogue is a massive tune that pounds along whilst creating a truly dreamlike atmosphere.

Absolutely epic.

Breeze – Complete Heaven (Dimenzions mix)

Breeze unleashed a real heartfelt anthem with Complete Heaven.

It had a genuine melancholy that was typical in the trance scene but often not heard in the UK Hardcore scene.

It’s a beautiful track that deserves to be played at full volume.

Brisk – Set Free

It’s Brisk again and his immense remix of the N-Trance classic Set You Free.

What can we really say about this?

It’s huge, fast, bouncy perfect. You just can’t go wrong.

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