The Epic Tunes That Lit Up The UK Hardcore Scene Back in 1999

Eclipse – Devastator

The first Freeform track on our list was originally found on Bonkers 3 but it didn’t get a release until 1999.

This is a serious slab of high energy Hardcore that does what all great Freeform tracks do.

It builds and builds, layering the atmosphere and dark energy to create a monster.

Robbie Long & Devastate – The Champ

Hip-Hop Samples and a massive bassline set this classic release apart from the others.

Robbie Long has been an influential force on the Hardcore scene for many years and always pushes boundaries.

This track would see a whole host of imitators after its release and it’s easy to see why.

Euphony – Space Invader (Quest Mix)

A classic release on UK Dance, Space Invader has several great remixes but the Quest mix is one of our favorites.

It typifies the new sounds emerging in the scene at the time and is full of nostalgia.

The B side of this release is the Scott Brown Mix which is perhaps the more popular but we love this one just as much.

Northern Lights – Love Of My Life (Brisk Mix)

There were plenty of remixes and updates released in ’99 and this was one of the best.

Brisk brings the classic Next Generation sound to the classic Dr Who track.

A little known fact is that the vocal was performed by Eurodance group E’voke.

Slam & UFO – Crazy Knowledge Pt:2

Slam & UFO created a real nostalgia trip when they updated their 1996 classic Crazy Knowledge.

This version brought a breakbeat vibe with a wobbly bassline and even a classic 90’s slowed down section.

This sounds massive on a big sound system, especially the big Jump Up Jungle mid-section.

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