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Twenty Classic Games We Played Whilst Growing Up

Snakes and Ladders

Everyone know’s how to play this classic board game. The first person that gets to the end of the board is the winner. Head for the ladders because that will send you up the board but look out for the snakes which bring you back down to the bottom.


Mouse Trap

Go round the board and land on ‘Build’ spots to start to build your mousetrap and get a slice of cheese. Hurry around the board and catch your opponents mouse before the time runs out.


Connect 4

This is a classic easy game, its all in the title you’ve just got to Connect 4.



How steady is your hand? You’re going to need a steady hand for this game. Use the tweezers removing parts of the body without setting the buzzer off.


Hungry Hippos

Cleanup all the marbles using your hungry hippos. The player with the most marbles wins the game.


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