The Piano Rave Anthems of the 90s That Still Evoke Euphoria

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Praga Khan – Injected With A Poison

Can you get any more RAVE than this track?

It was on pretty much every compilation us rave kids could get hold of and the music video was full of full on rave visuals, horns and crowds going for it.

This had energy with melody by the bucket load and as its from Belgium had elements of the harder European sound they were putting out back then.

When it gets to the breakdown and Jade 4 U’s lyrics kick in it takes you for one heck of a ride.

Incidentally, Praga Khan’s earlier hit ‘Rave Alert’ is just as awesome but we’re giving this one some extra party points as the Hixxy Raver Baby remix in the early 2000’s is still imprinted in our minds and gave this anthem a new lease of life to a new generation of ravers because we all know that…


Hardcore never dies!

Feeling the nostalgia?

Hopefully you are after this and your dormant inner raver has just perked right up.

If so, go hunt down and buy these tracks or add them to your playlists and reminisce with old raving buddies and go relive those awesome memories again!

Likewise, let us know if we missed some out in the comments below or just add them in for everyone to hear.

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