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10 More Novelty Chart Hits Of The ’90s

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F.A.B Featuring MC Parker – Thunderbirds Are Go!!!

Wait? More kids’ TV shows?

Well, yes but this one is pretty special.

Thunderbirds Are Go!!! was a classic House reworking of the theme tune and was packed full of samples from the show.

As well as all the Thunderbirds samples it also contains bits from Gerry Anderson’s Stingray and Captain Scarlet.

It really is a masterclass in how to homage some nostalgia into a dance track.

What’s more, is that it’s actually really good and got hammered in clubs.

Thunderbirds Are Go reached number 5 in the UK charts in 1990.

Mike Flowers Pops – Wonderwall

There is some debate as to whether this is a novelty chart hit cover or a parody but either way we love it.

In 1995 the airwaves were dominated by Oasis and their mega-hit Wonderwall.

Then, along came Mike Flowers Pops who took the tune right back to the swinging sixties.

This tune was timed perfectly as the country was embracing Mod culture.

Austin Powers piqued interest in the sights and sounds of that era as Cool Britania was in full swing.

There are many who would claim to prefer the crooning in this version to the original.

Wonderwall would match the original and reach number 2 in the UK Charts, which must have annoyed the Gallaghers no end.

So there we have it.

You’ve survived another ten novelty chart hits of the ’90s and we have little doubt that you’re better for it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane so please let us know what your favourite novelty records are.

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