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The Awesome Saturday Morning Cartoons Everyone Loved to Watch

The Rugrats

Saturday mornings in the 90s weren’t complete if you missed the Rugrats on Live and Kicking and like the Muppet Babies in the 80s it had made up adventures that were fun and compelling for kids to watch.

Hey Arnold!

hey arnold classic 90s cartoon

Hey Arnold was on SMTV Live and followed the experiences of inner city kid Arnold and his friends. He had an American football shaped head too and was a great 90s cartoon to watch on a Saturday morning.


The world was Pokemon mad in the late 90’s and SMTV also showed the popular 90s cartoon starring Pikachu who helped Ash Ketchum find more Pokemon on his journey to be a Pokemon Master.

Comedy relief was provided by the arrogant and calamitous Team Rocket who had Meowth as their main Pokemon who always cheated and because of this always ended up losing usually by being flung high up in the air.

Pokemon was one of the great 90s cartoons that is still massively popular today.

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