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The Awesome Saturday Morning Cartoons Everyone Loved to Watch

Captain Planet & The Planeteers

Around 1990 Captain Planet was huge and every Saturday morning kids woke up to the catchy theme tune and waited for the Planeteers to combine their powers and summon the wise cracking blue haired hero of the planet to foil the polluters evil plans.

Everyone wanted to have the Planeteer’s powers, well, except the kid who had the Heart ring that is.

We’re also surprised that this 90s cartoon is not on TV today considering that enviromental issues are at the forefront of everyones minds. but for many of this is where we started to be made aware of it and if that’s its legacy then its a good one to have.

Muppet Babies

The Muppet Babies was a must watch cartoon on Saturday Mornings and was on BBC’s Going Live.

It followed the adventures of nursery age Muppets which were fueled by their imaginations as they never left the nursery itself. Cue lots of pirate and space adventures and so on and when things got too much Nanny was there to make them feel better again.

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