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Perfect 10: Indie Bands Of The 90’s That Defined Britpop


Supergrass shot to fame in 1995 with their feel-good summer anthem “Alright”.

It was a tune that took the UK by storm and became a genuine Lad culture anthem overnight.

They followed it up with a string of top ten hits including “Going out”, “Richard III”, “Sun Hits The Sky”, “Pumping On your Stereo” and “Moving”.

As they matured so did their music and they became a very well respected Indie Rock band before their break up in 2010.

Singer Gaz Coombes is still releasing very successful albums to this day.

It’s worth noting that his 70’s barnet and massive Sideburns became a huge trend in the mid 90’s and a true symbol of an Indie fan.


Rising from the ashes of the band The La’s, Cast would become darlings of the Indie Scene.

In many ways, lead singer John Power is regarded as one of Britpop’s earliest originators as The La’s “There She Goes” became a sonic template for what the scene would become.

As Cast, they would have some of Britpop’s biggest hits with “Fine Time”, “Alright”, “Guiding Star” and “Live The Dream”.

Their live shows were legendary and were once described by Noel Gallagher as “A Religious Experience”. They split up in 2001 but reformed in 2011.

Here’s their biggest selling single, 1996’s “Flying”.

Shed Seven

There were many anthemic singles released in the Britpop era and Shed Seven were responsible for a lot of them.

Shed Seven formed in York in 1990 and quickly went on to earn a big following for their powerful sing-along rock sound.

The band peaked in 1996, a year in which they had more top 40 singles than any other group with a total of five.

One of their biggest selling points, other than really catchy tunes, was their dedication to keeping a very English humour to their lyrics.

This helped fans relate to them in a way that few other bands allowed.


They parted ways in 2003 due to a disagreement with their new record company. They finally reformed in 2017 and released a new album.

Here they are performing their massive single “Getting Better” on the most Britpop TV show of all time, T.F.I. Friday.

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