zig and zag novelty tunes of the 90s

Ten Classic Novelty Tunes Of The ’90’s

Smurfs – I’ve Got A Little Puppy (1996)

What happens when you fuse kids TV classic The Smurfs with Dutch Gabber legends Technohead?

The answer is this bizarre cover of I Want To Be A Hippy which replaces the weed based lyrics of the original with lyrics about owning a puppy.

Yes, it’s weird but we kind of love it in a nostalgic kind of way.

The B-Side to this was a very amusing cover of Whigfield’s Saturday Night called My Smurfing Party.

I’ve Got A Little Puppy reached number 4 in the UK .

2 In A Tent – When I’m Cleaning Windows (Turned Out Nice Again) (1994)

Following on from the Charleston of Doop was this remix of the George Formby ukelele classic When I’m Cleaning Windows.

This tune clearly took some inspiration from The Grid’s massive hit Swamp Thing but that doesn’t matter as this is a quality slab of Happy House.

2 In A Tent were in fact the duo behind Jive Bunny and one year after this they would go on to become legends of the Hard House scene.

Which legends you ask? Well, they are Amadeus Mozart and Andy Pickles AKA The Tidy Boys, owners of Tidy Trax.

Alas this one didn’t fair quite so well in the UK chart , only reaching number 25.

Teletubbies – Teletubbies Say Eh-Oh! (1997)

Every now and then a kids TV show gets a strange grip on the nation and The Teletubbies were a phenomenon.

You didn’t need a toddler of your own to watch it as it made great viewing whilst chilling out in the morning after a heavy night out.

Of course this meant a Novelty record had to come out and yet again this one was a hit.

This one was simply the theme tune with a dance beat behind it but it did the job as people rushed out to get it to the Christmas number 1 slot.

It worked and it stayed at Number 1 for two weeks in December ‘97.

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