zig and zag novelty tunes of the 90s

Ten Classic Novelty Tunes Of The ’90’s

Mr Blobby – Mr Blobby (1993)

Blobby Blobby Blobby as the giant pink annoyance would say.

Mr Blobby was an annoying character from ‘90s Saturday night TV show Noel’s House Party.

He played a calamitous role on the show as he pranked the stars of the day, something which tickled middle England enough to make him a celebrity in his own right.

The tune got to number 1 in the UK, ending Meat Loaf’s 7 week run with I Would Do Anything For Love.

It was knocked off the next week by Take That but amazingly regained the top spot a week later to be Christmas number 1.

Ambassadors of Funk Feat: MC Mario – Supermarioland (1992)

Utilising the music from the massive Game Boy game Super Mario Land the Ambassadors of Funk landed a hit single in the UK.

The tune had a classic Hip-House vibe and certainly captured the imaginations of Nintendo fans at the time.

What you may not realise is that Ambassadors of Funk was actually a pseudonym of legendary Rave producer Simon Harris.

The track peaked at Number 8 in the UK Charts.

Doop – Doop (1994)

When Dutch Eurodance group Doop unleashed their self titled hit in 1994 nobody quite knew what was about to happen.

Doop became an instant smash hit and spawned an entire new genre of swing based dance music.

Yes it seems fusing the Charleston of the 1920’s with the House beats of the ‘90’s was a moment of genius.

Doop hit the top spot in the UK in March 1994.

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