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Ten Of The Best Loved Up Happy Hardcore Tracks Of The ’90s

Sub-Ace & Aura – My Dreams


My Dreams could quite possibly be the most beautiful Hardcore tracks of all time.

It’s a driving dancefloor anthem that stomps along whilst the dreamlike synths and pianos totally set the mood.

The lyrics to this one are utterly amazing and have the power to bring even the most hardened raver to tears.

It’s also one of those tunes that you just have to close a set with as it’s too good to mix out of.

Force & Style – Heart of Gold


You can’t have a list of Happy Hardcore love songs without Force & Styles and let’s face it, we weren’t going to miss out Heart of Gold.

Perhaps the most famous Happy Hardcore tune ever and one that’s divided ravers over the years.

Yes, it’s cheesy but its an absolute anthem that isn’t ashamed of what it is.

It’s absolutely epic and as with many of the songs on this list, you can’t help but sing along.

You have a heart of gold, a precious jewel to which I was sold but I just can’t justify your love. Pure poetry.

So that’s our list and we hope these tunes have gotten you suitably loved up.

We know there are loads more love songs in the world of Happy Hardcore so what are your favourites?

Let us know in the comments.

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