happy hardcore 90s

Ten Of The Best Loved Up Happy Hardcore Tracks Of The ’90s

Sy & Demo – Devotion

Devotion was one of the tunes that was played by every big DJ when it came out.

It was impossibly catchy and the crowd would sing along at full volume.

The classic mix of Hardcore beats and Jungle breaks made this a tune for the ages.

Q-Tex – Power of Love (Digital Boy Italian Rave Mix)

Scott Brown had to feature on this list and Power of Love might be an obvious choice but it hits the spot.

The Digital Boy remix was a bit tougher than the original and featured on Bonkers 3.

Can you feel the power of love? You can now.

Demo – You’re Mine (Slipmatt Mix)

You’re Mine will forever be one of this writers favourite Hardcore tunes and I’m sure I’m not alone with that.

The Slipmatt remix is a classic that was absolutely caned back in the day.

It also had some really unique lyrics that resonated with ravers personally.

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