happy hardcore 90s

Ten Of The Best Loved Up Happy Hardcore Tracks Of The ’90s

Unique – Feelin’ Fine


One of the few male vocals in Hardcore that got away with it.

Darren Styles absolutely smashed this track and making the bold move to sing on it himself really paid off.

It’s packed with emotion and always had everyone hugging when it came on.

Visa – Fly Away


Another remix, this time of the classic single by Clock, in fact, it’s practically the same track.

This one has a massive vocal that had us all singing along while stomping.

It’s pure happiness and a celebration of being with the person you want to be with.

Vinylgroover – Together Again

Together Again was one of the standout tunes on Bonkers 5 and it was a classic Hardcore love song.

The lyrics told the story of a missing partner and how great it will be to see them again.

This tune was also missed by a lot of DJs who expected it to be released under Vinylgroover’s alias Elevate which was how it was listed on Bonkers 5.

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