Knightmare: The 80s Kids TV Show That Captivated a Generation

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Characters That Helped And Hindered

knightmare CITV characters

Knightmare had lots of characters that the players interacted with along the way, from jolly court jesters to witches and wizards.

The show covered all the fantasy characters viewers would expect to encounter in a game of Dungeons and Dragons.

They sometimes helped (cryptically) the quest but always drove the story side of things.

It was great to enter a room with the player and see a character and to see if they were there to help and hinder their quest.

Lord Fear

knightmare CITV lord fear

A few seasons in and the quest changed to a fight between good and evil or Treguard versus Lord Fear.

The Dungeoneers went up against Lord Fear to bring back the Crown or other item to win the quest and was the main foe to win against in later series.

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