Knightmare: The 80s Kids TV Show That Captivated a Generation

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Take A Side Step To The Left…

knightmare CITV hodriss the cat

The players used commands like you would in early computer games.

Remember the player in the game always asking ‘Where am I’ and the team mates would always reply ‘Your in a room…’ and then explain what’s there.

Then when the team commanded the player to move to avoid dangerous situations it was always ‘Take a sidestep to the left/right’ and sometimes it was just, ‘run, run, run!’

It helped viewers understand what was going on and was always a constant in the series.

It also got pretty intense when the Dungeoneer was on a conveyor belt having to avoid saws coming from the left and right.

Knightmare Had The FEAR Factor

knightmare CITV tarantula

The players had to face some genuinely scary moments, rooms filled with giant spiders, evil knights, pits full of giant maggots and beings that lived in walls and floors.

If one wrong step was taken then certain doom was guaranteed.

The anticipation that the player would make it through Knightmare dungeons and rooms was fantastic TV that made viewers want the players to make it through to the next room.

Life (Force) And Death

Knightmare lifeforce

If the players spent too long in a room, the life force timer would count down.

Originally it was a face that broke down layer by layer to reveal a skull and then finally a down to eyeballs and if it went further than that a bell sounded and this meant the player had died.

Later series of Knightmare had a depiction of a Knight that lost it armour and then finally collapsed. Luckily the Dungeoneer could replenish lost health by placing food in their Knapsack.

However, if the player was to fall off a crevice or get eaten by a monster it was game over immediately.

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