italo disco party

10 Italo Disco Tracks From The 80’s That Are Still Awesome Today

Valerie Dore – The Night

Wait for the chorus on this especially if you like Scooter as you’ll recognise the chorus.

More of a ballad is this one but it does have some powerful vocals from Valerie Dore.

M & G – When I Let You Down

What a tune to finish off on!

This classic Italo Disco track from 1986 has it all. Great vocals, percussion and melodies. You could just imagine listening to this whilst driving a Testarossa couldn’t you.

So there you have, we’ve only skimmed the surface of this amazing 80’s genre.

If you want to find more then YouTube is your friend and the other good news is the genre seems to be having a revival of sorts too. Go hunt down some tracks!

Now that you’ve checked this out let everyone know what Italo Disco tracks we’ve missed out that you love listening to in the comments below.

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