raver dancing to hardcore bangers

10 UK Hardcore Bangers From The Early Noughties

DJ Pulsedriver – Mad World

Technically not a hardcore tune but it turned out to be a huge anthem thanks to the magic of pushing the pitch right up to the maximum.

Mad World, the dance remix of the Tears For Fears classic from the 80’s was a big hit in Europe along with other Pulsedriver hits like Cambodia.

Anyway, a certain DJ Kaos who fronted the excellent Future Dance Raves back in the day used to slam this out at what felt like 180bpm and it filled up dancefloors and got everyone dancing their heads off.

Now if you want to play it at the speed you may remember it at then all you need to do is play it, go to settings on the Youtube video for it and change it to 1.25 playback speed and enjoy some seriously bouncy and euphoric early noughties nostalgia!

Your Tracks?

What’s your favourite Hardcore tunes of the early 2000’s? Let us know in the comments below.

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