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Ten Awesome Hardcore Tracks From 2000 That Still Raise The Roof


Da Edge – Shine

Da Edge was in fact DJ Fade and his remix of The Space Brothers Shine would be one of the standout tunes of 2000.

It really is immense and has the power to reduce people to euphoric tears in an instant.

If you were reaching that certain peak in the evening and this came on you were hugging your mates and singing instantly.

This still holds up as one of the greatest Hardcore tracks of all time.

Bang! – Break Of Dawn (Scott Brown Remix)

Scott Brown was a pioneer when it comes to UK Hardcore and his remix of Break of Dawn proves it.

Hard as nails whilst maintaining the uplifting vibes of the original it became a genuine template for what would become UK Hardcore.


Adding a trance edge to the mix which just took this track to the next level he managed to make something truly special.

We challenge you to listen to this at full volume and not be moved by its sheer power and energy.

So that’s our pick of the ten best Hardcore tracks from the year 2000.

We hope you enjoyed this trip back in time and please let us know if we’ve missed one of your favourites.

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