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Ten Awesome Hardcore Tracks From 2000 That Still Raise The Roof

Interstate – I Died In Aberdeen

You cannot underestimate how massive this tune was in 2000.

I Died In Aberdeen was, of course, Scott Brown’s remix of Eiffel 65’s Blue (Da Ba De) and it was an incredible mix.

As always with Mr. Brown the production was years ahead of its time, you just hadn’t heard Happy Hardcore as banging as this before.

Once this was released you couldn’t hear the original the same way again.

The lyrics will forever be “I’m blue in Aberdeen I would die, in Aberdeen I would die” etc…

Stealth – Love, Life & Happiness (Ham’s Mix)

Stealth was actually Brisk & Ham and this mix of Love, Life & Happiness has their signature sound running through it.

Hip-Hop Samples, a great vocal and banging beats made this an instant classic on their Blatant Beats label.

The style of this vocal was quite unique at the time but would go on to be the standard once Raver Baby started ruling the scene.

Sharkey & Eclipse – Outta Control

Freeform Anthem Alert!!!

Outta Control is an all-time classic on the Freeform scene and rightly so.

It’s perfect in every way from it’s deep vocal sample to its ’80s synth and rushing pads.

This tune may have come out in 2000 but ravers had been after it for ages after it became a stand out track on Sharkey’s Brainstorm mix the year before.

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