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Ten Awesome Hardcore Tracks From 2000 That Still Raise The Roof

DJ Kaos – Sorry

DJ Kaos was a big name in the scene at the turn of the Millenium and was best known as the promoter of Future Dance.

He was also well known for releasing numerous Hardcore bootlegs of classic pop tunes via his Future Dance label.

Sorry is a massive version of Tracy Chapman’s Baby Can I Hold You and is cheesy as hell.

We absolutely love it though with its big vocal and Euro bassline which just pumps along.

Marc Smith – Fuc*in’ Trippy

Fuc*in’ Trippy was a massive slab of Freeform released on the Bonkerz label.

It had a seriously banging kick and, as the title suggests, was pretty psychedelic to boot.

It was also an absolute nightmare to mix if you tried it from the intro.

Slipmatt & Frisky Feat. Becks – Take Care Of You (Slipmatt Mix)

Take Care of You was classic Happy Hardcore in a time when that sound was very much on its way out.

That doesn’t stop this from being a great release and the Frisky mix on the B-side was equally as good.

This is the Hardcore we all know and love.

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