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Ten Awesome Gabber Tracks That Smashed The Year 2000

Diplomat & Trouble – Tantalum Cones

Deathchant anthem alert!

Diplomat and Trouble have been responsible for a fair few anthems in the Hardcore Techno scene and Tantalum Cones is right up there.

Despite its pace and surprisingly catchy lead synth line it’s still absolutely banging.

It may not have big Gabber bass but it doesn’t need it as the atmosphere is everything.

Catscan – WOIII

You can’t have a list of Millenium Hardcore tracks without this one.

Catscan changed the scene and blew us all away when he emerged in 2000.

His slower and more industrial approach which he often married with epic melodies and dark noises were revolutionary.

WOIII is still played at almost every event today and it still sounds fresh.

It’s utterly relentless and totally unashamed to be as dark as it wants to be, that’s why we love it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look at the best Gabber tracks from the year 2000.

There are of course plenty more tunes that absolutely rocked that year so why not tell us your favourites in the comments.

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