Thunderdome 96 still

Ten Awesome Gabber Tracks That Smashed The Year 2000

Da Predator – Out of Control

Da Predator proved that the old Gabber sound wasn’t completely dead with this banger.

Old Skool breakbeats and high energy synths up the energy with that classic Gabber bass.

It also finishes with some really mind-bending horror synths that make this a true classic.

Paul Elstak & MC Ruffian – Rage

Paul Elstak is probably the most divisive character in the hardcore scene.

Whilst the Gabbers may have disowned him for his forays into Happy Hardcore they couldn’t deny Rage.


This is a classic Gabber track with a big speech in the breakdown to get the crowd going.

It screeches along nicely and really tears the speakers apart.

Promo – Battle of the Sexes

Promo is a true God in the Hardcore scene and was a real pioneer in the Millenium sound.

Battle of the Sexes really slows things down but that doesn’t stop it from being hard as hell.

It’s also insanely catchy with its Miami Bass style vocal that really makes it bounce.

The synth line is also pretty good for a football chant style singalong which always helps.

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