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Ten Awesome Gabber Tracks That Smashed The Year 2000

The DJ Producer – Come On In

The DJ Producer is, of course, one of the most accomplished DJs and Producers in Hardcore.

Come On In is a perfect example of what Hardcore Techno was becoming at the turn of the Millenium.

Its stark, minimalist, and loaded with atmospherics which would echo around the clubs and arenas perfectly.

The vocal sample was of course taken from Alison Limerick’s classic Where Love Lives.

Rotterdam Terror Corps – Schizophrenic

Even Rotterdam Terror Corps were slowing things down in 2000.

Schizophrenic used the tune from Adagio for Strings perfectly, taking the beautiful melody and twisting it.

It pounds along and was played by everyone when it came out.

Neophyte & Lady Dana – Gangsta

When two legends of the Hardcore scene come together you usually get something special.

Gangsta is a high energy blast of Millenium Hardcore that really gets the crowd going.

The iconic sample taken from the movie Goodfellas has been used countless times in Hardcore but this is definitely one of the most effective.

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